Matthew Groves                                                        

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Preoccupied with figuration, my practice stems from a keen interest in historical forms, and a desire to ask new questions and raise fresh perspectives on contemporary figurative ceramics practices.

Collectively, these sculptures bear witness to my artistic journey. Singularly, they do not represent or illustrate any one particular moment or event, rather they interweave many significant milieus, associations and obsessions.

Whilst the work incorporates recognizable components, which have universal appeal, it is my intention that the meaning of the work can never be described or interpreted in any strict or absolute terms, and should be dependent upon the viewers own poetic imaginings.

Matthew gained his Undergraduate Degree in Ceramics from Staffordshire University, and his Master’s Degree in Ceramics and Glass from the Royal College of Art. Before becoming a full time studio artist and educator, Matthew made it his vocation to be a professional fine art and design technician, in colleges, universities, private workshops and museums.

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