Matthew Groves                                                        

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I have developed knowledge of various intermediate materials, however, no medium continues to give me more bodily and emotional joy to work with than clay. I subject it to many changes, from soft to hard, temporary to permanent, matt to glossy, but it's not just a physical attraction; the dualistic metamorphic nature of ceramics lies at the core of my conceptual interest.

I aim to achieve a balance of opposing static and fluid elements in each work, which reflect the key aspects of my process, control and spontaneity. I usually begin with some drawing and mixed-media model making, followed by a phase of mold-making. After this comes a period of clay construction, which includes a variety of pressing and handbuilding techniques. After bisque-firing, I end with spontaneous applications of colorful, translucent glazes, which lend fluidity and emotional impact to what might otherwise be considered stiff, wooden portraits.